In Delphi XE2, the “Auto Increment build number” of Version Information is changed to Auto generate build number, replace Release and Build part with random numbers which is actually a time stamp of the time it’s generated.

I coded this little utility for my purpose, because I need/like an auto increment build number as a simple mean to track the build number, not some numbers that “look” random.

Notes: found that DDevExtension 2.6 add Version Information expert, under Project menu; but this VerInfo can also be used for other development tools that does not support Auto Increment Ver Info

1. Readying verinfo.exe

VerInfo is trying to help to do Auto Increment build number in Delphi XE2.

First download and copy “verinfo.exe” to your path, find download link below, for easy access to VerInfo it’s good idea to add it to IDE Tools:

2. Create RC file

Create Version Information Resource script either using text editor, or better yet, launch VerInfo and fill the form:

Then save the RC file to your project folder, the same folder as .dpr file, with an easy to recognize name, I usually name it <ProjectName>Ver.rc, eg: SLauncherVer.rc for my SLauncher program.
For this example, here on, we use SLauncher project.

VerInfo uses and produces minimal Version Info RC file, eg:

3. Add RC file to project

After we have SLauncherVer.rc, we need to add this file to our project:

  • Right-Click on SLauncher project, choose [Add], [Resource file (*.rc)] file type, select SLauncherVer.rc
  • SLauncherVer.rc will be added to project
  • and Delphi will edit Project source and add the needed line.


Next, we need to update the Project Option:

  • Uncheck the “Include version information in project”
  • Add command “verinfo” to “Pre-build events”, to increment File Version build number in SLauncherVer.rc
    • we will add “verinfo $(INPUTDIR)SLauncherVer.rc /update”


If you got exit code 9009 , please make sure verinfo.exe is accessible either in PATH or full path is specified, and also to use quote if the path of verinfo.exe or your .rc file contain spaces. See user comments below


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  • v0.7.2.21 – October 2012
    • first public release