This PowerSaving’s purpose is to set monitor (and computer) to Power Saving Mode programmically via Task Scheduler or batch file.

It is easy to set Power Saving Mode for 2-3 computers, but quite a hassle if we have to control many computers, for example: turn off/sleep monitors at 10pm, then activate them at 06am; in this situation PowerSaving can help. Just create Task Scheduler item to set sleep time and to wake up the monitor of each PC. Then just watch it works.

PowerSaving can be launched in two ways:

  • without any command line specified, PowerSaving small window will be shown, from where we can click “PowerSaving: Go Green!” to instantly make the monitor goes to Power Saving Mode, and move the mouse or click any button to wake up the monitor.
  • Also “Go StandBy” and “Go Hibernate” to make computer into Stand By or Hibernate mode.

specify command line, for using in batch script/Task Scheduler:



there are programs, usually downloader tools,  that are designed to keep the monitor/computer “wake up”, thus will cancel this PowerSaving mode


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Available downloads

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  • v2.3.0 – May 2013
    • add a checkbox “minimize after click”
    • refactor code for planned features, eg. keep screen sleep at interval
  • v2.0.0 – November 2012
    • now coded in PureBasic