Setup Eclipse as a web editor

Here we are about to setup Eclipse as a “web editor”. By “web editor” I mean to setup Eclipse to support html, xml, css, js, Python, and PHP. To do that we will use the smallest Eclipse distribution type, the Eclipse Platform Runtime. Then we will add the needed plugins. Python support will use PyDev, and for PHP will use PDT.


PureBasic 5.20 LTS

PureBasic v5.20 LTS released on September 15, 2013.

This Rockstar release is an LTS. As the Team stated:

We would like to thanks again all the beta testers who found tons a issues and all the help we got from various people, especially on the doc side ! This a LTS (Long Term Support) release, so it will be bug fixed for 2 years until 17th September 2015, while the command-set and compiler functions won’t be modified.
Have fun coding, The Fantaisie Software Team.