Some freewares maybe useful :)

PowerSaving: Programmatically send monitors to power saving mode

This PowerSaving’s purpose is to set monitor (and computer) to Power Saving Mode programmically via Task Scheduler or batch file.

It is easy to set Power Saving Mode for 2-3 computers, but quite a hassle if we have to control many computers, for example: turn off/sleep monitors at 10pm, then activate them at 06am; in this situation PowerSaving can help. Just create Task Scheduler item to set sleep time and to wake up the monitor of each PC. Then just watch it works.

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Auto Increment Version Information Pre-build tool for Delphi XE2 using VerInfo

In Delphi XE2, the “Auto Increment build number” of Version Information is changed to “Auto generate build number”, replace Release and Build part with random numbers which is actually a time stamp of the time it’s generated.

Tools like DDevExtensions and CnPack which work in previous Delphi versions are not able to do it either because of the changes.

I coded this little utility for my purpose, because I need/like an auto increment build number as a simple mean to track the build number, not some numbers that “look” random.

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