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ColorConvert is just a simple two set color code converter from/to HTML in form #rrggbb, RGB in form RGB(r,g,b), Delphi/Pascal in form $00112233, and C color code in form 0x112233 also with color picker one for each color convert set.

This tool was created because at that time I could not find a simple to use color converter tool.

Usage and purpose are very simple


Usage and purpose are very simple.

  • You can select a color from color dialog box or by fill in one of the color code input field, then press Enter
  • For example, type RGB(255, 0, 0) in RGB field then press Enter then the color code will be converted and put in each fields (screen shot above).
  • Then, you can copy the color code format you want by clicking small blue button beside fields, and Paste in any text editor you use.
  • You can also compare two colors, like color for Dark or Lite, Highlighted and Shadow, etc.

Previous Version


v1.0.3.7 – March 2013

    • add another canvas, now has 3 color canvas to see Normal, Hover, Clicked/Down state color
  •  v0.3.3.2 – November 2012
    • first public release



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