Credit Card and Internet Transaction

I use Credit Card mostly for iTunes, Paypal, and other ordinary secure internet transactions. For domestic or “offline” transactions, I prefer doing cash or ATM transfer (actually, domestic Internet Banking).

About three weeks ago I activated a new Visa Credit Card, and added to iTunes Store and Paypal. It worked fine for some internet transactions. But then, about a week ago iTunes Store said can not charge my new CC. I canceled the transaction and thought due to overlimit problem, which was not.

Then, I tried to check out at Worldpay, and this transaction gave me a clue: Your Visa Credit Card is not activated. Please contact your bank at xxx.xxxx.xxxx

Whoa ! I already used it for some transactions, yet it was said not yet activated. I called the hotline number, requested explanation.
I got this chat (simplified) :

  • Sir, you committed too many internet transacations:
    1. On xxx 2011 you have iTunes blah blah
    2. On xxx 2011 another iTunes
    3. On xxx 2011 you have Worldpay blah Edinburgh blah blah
    4. and some others
  • I have Credit Cards are exactly just for doing internet transactions. My other cards’s just doing fine.
  • (Silent about 2-3 mins, I mean, on hold with endless song)
    Sir I can not get your detail, we will contact you tomorrow on office hour. So we can check your account thoroughly…

There it is, let’s see or maybe apply another one…

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