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Convert number to money format in web2py

At some point in doing web application using web2py/Python I need to show numbers in money formatted string. Seems a little problem easy to handle, at first. After searching about “money” at Python Package Index then I know it was quite complex matter involved many things…

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PureBasic 5.20 LTS

PureBasic v5.20 LTS released on September 15, 2013. This Rockstar release is an LTS. As the Team stated: We would like to thanks again all the beta testers who found tons a issues and all the help we got from various people, especially on the doc side ! This a LTS...

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Novel Agatha Christie, The Under Dog and Other Stories

Hari Minggu lalu saya iseng-iseng ke TB Gunung Agung. Terakhir saya ke toko ini mungkin sepuluh tahun lalu, biasanya ke toko buku lain. Kali ini karena kami makan siang tepat di sebelahnya. Ternyata, koleksi bukunya menarik, ada beberapa buku Gramedia yang tidak dapat...

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Himbauan, spanduk, dan implementasi

Pagi ini dalam perjalanan ke bandara, saya melihat ada dua spanduk himbauan yang penting… Spanduk pertama mengenai “gelandangan pengemis di lampu lalu lintas” atau “gepeng lampu merah”. Spanduk yang menghimbau untuk tidak memberi apa pun kepada mereka, tapi akan ada...

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Install Tomcat on OS X

I need to install a Java Servlet Server on my Macbook, and I could not find a one-click installer for OS X 🙂 Search the internet for finding the shortest way to install it, and take note for myself, maybe someone will also need this and hope it helps. Make sure you...

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Credit Card and Internet Transaction

About three weeks ago I activated a new Visa Credit Card, and added to iTunes Store and Paypal. It worked fine for some internet transactions. But then, about a week ago iTunes Store said can not charge my new CC…

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