Auto Increment Version Information Pre-build tool for Delphi XE2 using VerInfo

In Delphi XE2, the “Auto Increment build number” of Version Information is changed to Auto generate build number, replace Release and Build part with random numbers which is actually a time stamp of the time it’s generated. I coded this little utility for my purpose, because I need/like an auto…

October 30, 201213

ColorConvert – Convert color code to RGB, HTML, Delphi/Pascal, C++

ColorConvert is just a simple two set color code converter from/to HTML in form #rrggbb, RGB in form RGB(r,g,b), Delphi/Pascal in form $00112233, and C color code in form 0x112233 also with color picker one for each color convert set. 767

November 19, 20121

Fix Posterous WordPress Export Data Backup can not be imported

Posterous will turn off on April 30, 2013. Users are urged to request and download their backup data, available for WordPress. Detail information can be found at Posterous blog 1157

March 12, 20130

PowerSaving: Programmatically send monitors to power saving mode

This PowerSaving’s purpose is to set monitor (and computer) to Power Saving Mode programmically via Task Scheduler or batch file. It is easy to set Power Saving Mode for 2-3 computers, but quite a hassle if we have to control many computers, for example: turn off/sleep monitors at 10pm, then…

November 10, 20120

TriKuota, cek status Tri pada desktop tanpa browser atau BimaTri

TriKuota adalah program sederhana untuk menampilkan status Tri yang didapat dari Laman itu hanya aktif bila Anda terhubung internet menggunakan Tri. 1319

July 3, 20130
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