Fix Posterous WordPress Export Data Backup can not be imported

Posterous will turn off on April 30, 2013. Users are urged to request and download their backup data, available for WordPress. Detail information can be found at Posterous blog

But seems there’s bug in Posterous WP exporting files, at least in some backup files I’ve found, that prevent us to import the file into WordPress self-hosted (I don’t try on

This tool tries to fix it to make it able to be imported by WordPress self hosted site.

This tool utilize XMLStarlet Command Line XML  Toolkit to format XML file, so this fix can be performed. XMLStartlet Tookit can be found at

How to proceed:

  • Extract backup file that you received from Posterous to a folder, you will have some files and folders, the file we need is “wordpress_export_1.xml”
  • Launch PosterousWPFix.exe, and open file “wordpress_export_1.xml”, then click “Go !”
  • From “Fix Result” tab, then click [Save] to save the file then be imported from WP self-hosted
  • Go to your WordPress and do import procedure

For your attention:

  • Category of imported posts will all set to “Uncategorized” or default category
  • Images in posts will still link to Posterous, you can edit posts and manually update images from the extracted backup file in folder “image”, thus even Posterous’ already down you still can update the posts.

Download is not available anymore

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